When Could We Get the 3rd Stimulus Check?

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President Biden’s plan

When there are many people and institutions involved in something, there are countless opinions, strategies, and actions. President Biden’s plan is a little bit different regarding the third round of stimulus payments. He actually wants to include this round in a $1.9 trillion economic relief package.

If passed, this relief package would also ensure the money needed for vaccine distribution, enhanced unemployment benefits, opening schools, and many more. The plan is great; however, if all of these economic relief measures will be combined, it will most definitely take a lot longer to get through Congress.

What happens then with all the Americans that are in desperate need of their stimulus?

With a big chunk of money involved and so many ideas dissected and pulled apart by Congress, it could take many weeks before seeing the third round.

9 thoughts on “When Could We Get the 3rd Stimulus Check?”

  1. What happened to the balance of money from the FIRST stimulus?
    What happened to the balance of money from the SECOND stimulus?
    And you’re talking about a THIRD stimulus?
    Does the current administration NOT want people to get back to work, or do they plan on keeping all of us on the government’s teat forever?
    Nobody questions anything. There seems to be an unending ATM machine in D.C. going to special interests…especially the unions! How un-American we have become!

    1. Please clarify unions…? I doubt that “forever” is the plan but I’m sure starvation is as bad as the virus so I guess trying to help is better then setting back waiting for either one to happen. Can’t satisfy everyone but it is better to try and help the one’s who appreciate it. Kinda the American way of giving the people the “Hand up” that this country has been known for when it began…..

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