5 People Who Sued Themselves

Photo by Ulf Wittrock from shutterstock.com

2. Robert Lee Brock

In 1995, a convicted Robert Lee Brock sued himself for $5 million. However, since he didn’t have that kind of money, he demanded the state pay the sum.

He sued himself because two years prior he had broken into a facility while drunk, which was against his religious beliefs. That is also how he managed to get 23 years in prison for burglary and grand larceny.

The judge did agree that this was an innovative thing to do, but they dismissed the case.

3. Larry Rutman 

In August 1996, Larry Rutman filed a lawsuit against himself for $300,000 dollars  and WON! The sum was paid by his insurance company.

The motive for the lawsuit? He threw a boomerang and when it came back it hit him, making him lose conscience, altering his  memory and increasing his sex drive.

Rutman initially thought of suing the boomerang maker, but his lawyer advised him against it . And it apparently worked. However, some people say this case may have never happened.

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