10 Reasons Why Lawyers Get Little Sympathy

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We can all agree that a lawyer’s job is one of the hardest in the world.

The laws, regulations and putting them in practice is a hard thing to do, almost impossible if you’re not passionate about it.

It’s a demanding and challenging job to defend people in a court of law, some lawyers even put their own safety at risk by representing controversial figures.

While taking this into consideration it’s hard to imagine why would lawyers get so little sympathy.

Here are 10 reasons for why the society thinks the least of them:

1. Their legal fees are sometimes too pricey for some people- however, in some cases (such as saving someone from jail time) their charges can be understandable


2. The hours they bill can be from time to time overestimated- it’s not pleasant to pay 4 hours worth of 2 hours of work


3. The ads presenting their legal services are literally everywhere- it gets to the point where people find them too much or even annoying


4. They use complicated terms which not everybody understands


5. During any trial one of the parties is going to be despised no matter what


6. Cases and trials can last years and the first person to be blamed for that is the lawyer


7. Sometimes they are hated because of the reputation their former clients are giving them


8. Because they are successful and perform one of the toughest jobs there are, they tend to be cocky and no one likes that


9. Even though they are humans, just like us, mistakes are rarely tolerated by anyone- and it can be understandable given the fact their fate, money and reputation is at stake


10. It just so happens that they defend everyone (people like Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez and OJ Simpson) and some people don’t like the idea of protecting and trying to liberate criminals


11. Their suits and charismatic behavior


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