8 TV Trials That Shocked The World

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Over the decades we have been the witnesses of several and truly devastating and appalling cases surrounding famous individuals and political figures.

Political figures were caught red handed, breaking their promises and going against their beliefs, famous singers actors and sport players who turned to the dark side appalled us with what they were capable of.

Some of the most popular and long-disputed cases were decided to be even televised in court as a result of the huge media attention and people’s hysteria surrounding the outcome of the trial.

And when outrageous news came to light, you can bet it will be in the spotlight. These 8 TV Trials were amongst the most viewed in the history, check them out:

1. Rodney King

If you are unfamiliar with the case of Rodney King it was something like this: a young African American man was brutally beaten by the  officers of LAPD. The whole shocking incident was filmed and broadcasted.

The trial was televised in 1992 and the not-guilty verdict sparked the outrage of thousands of people and caused many riots.

2. O.J. Simpson

The famous football player was accused of brutally murdering his ex-wife and her thought-to-be boyfriend.

The trial was televised and more than 100 million people watched Simpson (allegedly) get away with murder.

3. The Trial Of The Menendez Brothers

One of the most viewed trials was the Menendez Brothers trial, where they viciously killed their parents in order to inherit the estate.

They tried to get away with it by blaming it on the alleged year long abuse coming from their father.

They were first trialed separately, but the jury couldn’t decide on a verdict. The second trial got both of them life in prison.

4. Aileen Wuornos

Wuornos was a prostitute and serial killer. Murdering several men, she argued that she did it in self defense as a result of those individuals attempting to rape her.

She was later convicted for the murders and got the death sentence.

5. The Anna Nicole Smith Custody Trial

After the model Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007 from a drug overdose she left behind her infant daughter Dannielynn.

Her paternal father was unknown and many lovers from Smith’s past came forward and pretended they were the father of the child.

Larry Birkhead, who filed the lawsuit, turned out to be her father.

6. Ted Bundy’s Case

This is believed to be the first televised trial ever. 250 reporters from 5 different continents covered the event. As you may know, Bundy was sentenced to death and got the electric chair in 1989.

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan was a beloved actress who starred in many movies adored by teenagers from that time. It came as a shock that the ,,Mean Girls” actress was also a ”bad” girl.

She had two DUIs and broke her probation several times. More than 2 million people witnessed her meltdown in courtroom when she received three months in jail.

8. The Casey Anthony trial

One of the most chilling cases in my opinion. In case you are unfamiliar with the case, Anthony was trialed for murdering her three year old daughter. The remains of the child were found in the woods in a blanket with duct tape on it.

The prosecution argued that Casey no longer wanted to be a mother and that was the reason behind the murder. However, the tough evidence held against her, the jury said ”not guilty”. This sparked a lot of outrage from the public.

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