5 Judges Who Took Their Jobs Way Too Seriously

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Judges are the highest authorities in the state. Your fate is literally in their hands, which can sound very scary.

They are the justice, democracy and freedom. However, sometimes you can bump into a person who takes their job to the extreme.

We searched and found 10 judges who toe the line between justice and bizarre! Scroll down for the hilarious details.

1. The one who imprisoned a man for yawning

Judge Daniel Rozak jailed Clifton Williams for loudly yawning in his courtroom. He gave Williams 6 months in jail for the charge.

What’s even more hilarious is that he gave Williams’ cousin two years because his phone rang in the court. The cousin was free, but Clifton had to spend THREE WEEKS in jail.

The prosecutor of the case argued that Clifton’s yawn was meant to be disruptive and was a “loud and boisterous” attempt.

It was later found out that the judge was putting people behind bars for the smallest things such as a phone ringing in court and it used to happen very often.

2. The one who ordered a man to move and find a job

In Spain, two parents of a 25 year old told their son to look for a job or else they would stop his monthly allowance.

After this, the young man sued them.

The parents were both physically and verbally abused by their son.

The judge ordered him to move out and find somewhere to work. The young adult was studying law at a slow rate and the judge believed he couldn’t get his degree, but he still believed he could find a suitable job.

3. The one who jailed his own employee for typing too slow

A judge in Florida (big shocker) jailed his own stenographer for contempt of court.

She couldn’t finish the transcript that was needed for an appeal for a convicted rapist.

In the judge’s defense he did give the woman a deadline and had asked for several months to finish it.

What’s even more funny is that she had to write the transcript for her own hearing, which she didn’t.

She was freed from jail and put under house arrest because she needed to take care of her three children, and was ordered to finish the work from there.

4. The one who was consulting the mystical dwarves during trials (Yes, that was a real thing)

The three dwarves were named Armand, Luis and Angel.

A judge in the Philippines was fired after consulting with the imaginary dwarves and would start every court session by reading from the Book of Revelation.

He made an appeal where he wrote a letter which stated that the four of them even made a covenant together.

He said that he was a psychic, he could cause pain to other people and that he was the angel of death.

He was fired due to being mentaly unstable. (I guess he didn’t see this one coming)

5. The one who was fired for jailing all the people present in court

A cell phone began ringing in the court and all of the 46 people in there wouldn’t say whose phone is it was. What ensued was a two hour episode of ”madness”.

Those who couldn’t afford bail were sent to jail.

When the judge heard the press was alerted, he released them all. He explained his acts by saying he had personal issues and was under stress.

Imagine if the cell phone was HIS!

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