These Are The Most Shocking Laws in the U.S.

In Alaska it is illegal to be drunk in a bar. Can you imagine that? Also, it isn’t allowed to go drunk for drinking more, or to remain in the bar that got you drunk in the first place. Maybe we think that is sad and we are confused, but police actually enforce it.

In Goodyear city, Arizona, it is unlawful to spit in or on any public building, park or anywhere on the road. For this action you will get six months in prison, and obviously, your reputation will be ruined. If you could be a little bit objective regarding this situation, it is a gross act to spit on public.

In Colorado, Aspen, you could have a catapult, but it is illegal to use it. Flaming arrows are also off limits.

The laws of Connecticut are strange. For example, you cannot sell a pickle unless it bounces. An article from 1948 said that this law is true and it became necessary when a pickle packers tried to sell pickles unfit for human consumption on the sly. The authorities said that a real pickle should bounce when dropped from the height of one foot.

Sometimes, kids could be annoying, but they are still our kids and we love them with all our hearts. In Florida it is a felony to sell your children. We are wondering how this law was reached, though…

In Georgia you can’t eat fried chicken with utensils, only with your fingers. A tourist was arrested after he did this.

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