7 Inhuman Acts That Are Legal in Some Countries


Shocking or not, cannibalism is legal throughout the United States and other countries such as Germany and United Kingdom. However, murder is illegal, so a cannibal would have to find a corpse for his meal. There were many cases of cannibalism. For example, in 2001, a man from Germany solicited a voluntary victim through a fetish website devoted to cannibalism. When they met, this man killed his victim and froze his meat to consume it later. Fortunately, he was found guilty of murder.

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1 thought on “7 Inhuman Acts That Are Legal in Some Countries”

  1. I am interested in the history of taboo topics like bestiality as well as current attitudes and laws focused on taboo topics. It seems to me a lot of important detail about our human history is hidden by the label:”taboo topic” and social pressure. After all, our ancestors must have dealt with all the stuff we now labeled taboo.

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