8 Crazy Legal Loopholes You Won’t Believe Are Real

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3. Drinking before the age of 21

In Wisconsin, kids are allowed to drink. Yes, you read that correctly. They can be served a drink by their parents in a bar, restaurant or at home. The  parent has to have a valid ID, has to order the drink and the child has to be under the age of 18, since after that the parents are no longer their legal guardian.

4. You can drive and own a tank

You can drive and own a tank if the guns are disabled and if you have a special permit for it. Imagine riding one to work.

5. You are legally allowed to give away your adopted children on the Internet

This is very shocking. Apparently if the parents can’t manage to take care of the child they’ve adopted, or they feel overwhelmed, they can give them to a relative or a friend when they need to.

But most of them sell them on the Internet. Yes, you read that right. And since the authorities don’t always have the time for regular checkups, they unfortunately usually get away with it.

Most of them even end up in abusive families or other dangerous individuals. It’s basically human trafficking.

6. Teachers can legally acquire their student’s social media passwords

In Illinois if a student is believed to be a cyberbully, the teacher can legally ask for their password of any social media account. This one was implemented in order to prevent cyberbullying. It both makes sense and is controversial at the same time.

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