5 States to Implement New Gun Laws in 2022

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4. Florida-House Bill 103

Florida HB103 2022 was passed in January of this year and its intention is to remove the requirement of a license to carry a concealed gun by non-prohibited persons. This bill will limit the areas in which carrying a firearm is prohibited, revise criminal penalties and make provisions relating to carrying around weapons or firearms by non-Florida residents.

And expressly states that a person who is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm or other weapon may own possessions and supplies for lawful purposes.

5. Indiana- House Bill 1077

This bill looks like it will be approved by the House and the Senate and intends to specify that persons who are not prohibited from carrying or even possessing a handgun are not required to obtain or possess a license or permit from the state to carry a handgun in Indiana. Its intentions are to prohibit certain individuals from knowingly or intentionally carrying a handgun for the full wording.

The Bill will also allow some individuals who do not meet these requirements to receive a handgun license, and they will also be allowed to carry it in a limited number of places. A resident of Indiana is allowed to obtain a license to carry a gun in the state.

Regardless of how strong both sides’ feelings are, we should definitely keep guns secure from unauthorized access. If you are planning on getting a gun and you have a license already, then you may want to inform yourself very well first. Some things may have changed since last time.

Make sure you read the laws in your state.

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