5 Lawmakers Who Completely Broke The Law

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This Individual Is A Big Disappointment 

This is a case surrounding a high figure on the political stage which 100% managed to not only shock us, but terrify us with their past actions.

Like many others of his kind, Hastert managed to avoid the consequences by paying his way out.

Which. to be honest, at this point it doesn’t even come as a surprise that high profile individuals do this (which says a lot about our politicians and judiciary system).

We would even dare to say that it has become an on-going trend among some politicians to have done at least one crime in their past and likely paid their way out of trouble.

The fact that Hastert hasn’t been imprisoned for his horrific acts is a BIG injustice to his victims.

Next, you get two lawbreakers for the price of….. well….. a lot……

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