6 Legal Battles Trump Might Face Before 2024

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The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, can find himself in some mighty hot waters for some of his past actions.

At this point the only thing keeping him from being held accountable in a court of law is his intention and promise to run for office again.

However, if  he fails to do so, these legal battles can become a true media circus and a nightmare for the former leader of the free world. Let’s take a close look:

1. His business affairs

This one is the most serious and threating one so far. The Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance launched this criminal investigation into Trump and his organization’s business deals.

Apparently there are several suspicions of banking, tax and insurance fraud.

Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, recently admitted that Trump boosted the value of his assets when he was applying for a loan and in order to reduce tax burdens he would also deflate the values of his properties.

Several procedures have started since then and even his son, Eric Trump was questioned under oath regarding his father’s misinterpretation of the value of its properties.

The former president is also being sued by a group of NY tenants of illegally increasing their rents under the pretext of raising the price of building materials.

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