Did You Know About Trump’s 32 Lawsuits After the Election? Here’s How They’re Going!

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Nevada – 3 Losses, 1 Pending

Trump’s lawyers had concerns over signature-matching technologies in the state of Nevada. This, coupled with several observers’ claims that they were held from watching the ballots being processed closely enough lead Republicans to file a lawsuit so that ballots would stop being counted, but the Supreme Court in Nevada denied the request.

Furthermore, they wanted to stop counting ballots in Clark County. The RNC alleged that GOP officials could not observe the process in the heavily Democratic area. Without any evidence to back those claims, a district judge rejected the request. Nevertheless, the Trump campaign appealed the decision, leading to a settlement that allowed expanded ballot observation. In the end, the Republicans withdrew from the case.

Trump’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in Carson County City District Court hoping that alleged irregularities would be fixed, flipping the state in Trump’s favor. They were unable to overturn the election results due to a lack of evidence.

In Clark County, Republicans also attempted to challenge mail-in ballots, but they eventually dropped that lawsuit as well.

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