Did You Know About Trump’s 32 Lawsuits After the Election? Here’s How They’re Going!

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Wisconsin – 1 Loss, 4 Pending

In Wisconsin, Trump personally filed a lawsuit in federal court, seeking to overturn the election results. At the same time, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but this case was later rejected while Trump’s personal one is still pending.

Perhaps the most shocking lawsuit was filed by a right-wing group called the Wisconsin Voter Alliance, which asked the state Supreme Court to outright throw out votes. Furthermore, they want the Republican-controlled state legislature to select the electoral college winner themselves.

But this isn’t the only case in which a group wants the GOP legislature to select the state’s electoral votes themselves. The Republican-aligned Amos Center for Justice and Liberty wants every vote to be thrown out, as revealed by a lawsuit in which they argued that the use of ballot drop-boxes was illegal.

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit heavily criticized by a federal judge. On top of its numerous conspiratorial claims, the lawsuit contained various typos, errors and one person that was listed as a plaintiff said they never even signed up to be a part of the lawsuit.

We hoped this brief rundown of the lawsuits that followed the Election helped shed some light on what each state and court is dealing with. What do you think about some of these decisions? Let us know in the comments below!

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