Did You Know About Trump’s 32 Lawsuits After the Election? Here’s How They’re Going!

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Georgia – 2 Losses, 1 Pending

In the Peach State, a GOP poll watcher claimed that 53 ballots arrived after polls closed at 7 p.m. on November 3. This lead to the Trump campaign filing a lawsuit in Chatham County, but a judge denied the request to toss out the ballots due to testimonies from other county officials that claimed they were, in fact, received in time.

The Georgia Secretary of State allows signature matching on ballots eight months before the election. This measure was designed to prevent voter fraud. Lin Wood, a Republican elector claimed that this decision infringed on his rights as an individual voter. The case was later dismissed.

Though a judge has yet to decide on the case, it doesn’t look good for Sidney Powell, who filed a federal lawsuit alleging widespread election fraud in Georgia. Keep in mind that she was kicked off of Trump’s legal team for spreading a number of conspiracy theories.

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