Top 15 U.S. States Where People Mostly Rely on Social Security

Americans face much uncertainty surrounding the longevity of Social Security. But about 61% of beneficiaries’ income came from Social Security, as of 2014, according to the Social Security Administration. That’s alarming considering the average monthly payout is only about $1,342 per month.

Some people have begun investing elsewhere to ease the pressure of a potentially dismal payout in the future. Other Americans? Not so much. You can’t rely on a 401(k) if you don’t have one — or more commonly if it gets depleted within a few years because you didn’t save enough. Luckily, Social Security is guaranteed retirement income you can count on — for now.

So where will Americans have to rely on Social Security the most? The most obvious choice is in places where people are likely to have no other income options. To get a definitive ranking of states where this is the case, we analyzed states whose populations are the worst with money, are least likely to be saving for retirement, and have the largest senior population.

Put all these financial factors together, and it could become a not-so-perfect storm in which retirees need cash faster than states can provide it.

Here are 15 states where people are banking on Social Security the most.

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2 thoughts on “Top 15 U.S. States Where People Mostly Rely on Social Security”

  1. New Hampshire does not have a high tax rate. In fact, there are comparison websites that show it is the third lowest tax rate (from the States) in the nation. We do not have any income tax. We do not have any sales tax. True, the real estate taxes are relatively high, but when you take into consideration that there are essentially no other taxes, we’re getting off easy. Also, the cost of living is rather low, compared to most other places. Food, gas, and insurance are lower here than in most other places that I have lived. So I have no idea what this survey is talking about. Perhaps New Hampshireites do rely on social security to a large extent, but when all things are considered, that government payout comes a lot closer to paying all their bills than in New York, for example.

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