Top 15 U.S. States Where People Mostly Rely on Social Security

12. Colorado

Both and Get Rich Slowly thought residents in Colorado could put a bit more effort toward money management and saving strategies — especially if retirees in this outdoorsy state plan to use their income to explore everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Both studies scored Colorado in the bottom 15 for states with irresponsible habits that will affect available funds in addition to Social Security.
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2 thoughts on “Top 15 U.S. States Where People Mostly Rely on Social Security”

  1. New Hampshire does not have a high tax rate. In fact, there are comparison websites that show it is the third lowest tax rate (from the States) in the nation. We do not have any income tax. We do not have any sales tax. True, the real estate taxes are relatively high, but when you take into consideration that there are essentially no other taxes, we’re getting off easy. Also, the cost of living is rather low, compared to most other places. Food, gas, and insurance are lower here than in most other places that I have lived. So I have no idea what this survey is talking about. Perhaps New Hampshireites do rely on social security to a large extent, but when all things are considered, that government payout comes a lot closer to paying all their bills than in New York, for example.

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