9 Signs Someone Is Using Your Credit Card

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5. Your loan or credit card application was denied

If you recently applied for a loan or credit and your application was denied, just dig deeper. A rejection indicates that your credit score is lower than you thought. And this may be because of fraud. Someone may use your information to get new credit cards and not pay them off, leaving you responsible for that.

6. A tax return is filed under your name without your knowledge

If you just received confirmation of an annual tax filing before you’ve filed it, be careful! Thieves may try to file a tax return for another person to access their tax refund. And you may find that you are not able to file your taxes, which can occur if someone else has already done it.

Be careful because these scams are usually directed at the elderly!

7. You receive bills for medical services you never used

Medical fraud occurs when a fraudster imitates another person in order to get health care or medical supplies. For example, a person might use your identity to get a medical prescription at a pharmacy. If you receive some weird medical bills, follow them up!

Incorrect medical records could impact your insurance or actually interfere with your ability to get the care you need in the future.

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