These 11 Industries Have Been Hit Hardest by Coronavirus

The ongoing pandemic is having a dreadful impact on the U.S. economy. While all our industries have been affected by the coronavirus in one way or other, some of them bear the brunt of the downturn more.

For example, the restaurant industry is one of the most affected industries as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended avoiding groups of over 50 people. Unfortunately, Some American workers have already been laid off or furloughed.

Read on and let’s hope for the best!

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1. Gambling

The vast majority of casinos  were closed around the country in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other popular gaming destinations have been closed, some staff members are absent temporarily from work or even laid off.

In some states such as Massachusetts and Illinois, all casinos were ordered to close for two weeks and Maryland’s casinos, racetracks and other betting facilities were ordered to close indefinitely.

COVID-19 hit the United States just before the beginning of one of the industry’s biggest events: the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. During last year’s tournament, Americans wagered an estimated $8.5 billion on games. With the NBA, NHL, European soccer and nearly every other major sporting event canceled, the sports betting industry has essentially dried up.

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