States Ranked From Worst To Best Social Security Payments

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51. Louisiana

This year Louisiana takes the last shameful place. There’s more than a half of a million people who benefit from social security payments and last year the average was estimated at around $1421.83/month.

Even though this year there has been an increase and it raised the sum to $1,440.32/month, it’s still not enough.

Average annual payment: $17,284.

50. Mississippi

There are over 400,000 people who receive a monthly social security payment worth $1,445.69 in 2021.

Average annual payment: $17,348.

49. Maine

There’s a much lower number of people who are collecting their social benefits, those being a little over 200,000. Monthly, they receive about $1,455.43.

Average annual payment: $17,465.

48. New Mexico

In this state, social security recipients will receive a total of $1,459.65 each month.

Average annual payment: $17,516.

47. Arkansas

Retirees who rely on their Social Security payments will enjoy a full $1,465.71 each month.

Average annual payment: $17,589.

46. Montana

Monthly, retirees will receive up to $1,468.60, which is not ideal however it’s better than some other states.

Average annual payment: $17,623.15

45. Kentucky

Kentucky retirees receive a monthly payment worth $1,473.00. Close to Montana but a bit higher with a few extra bucks.

Average annual payment: $17,676

44. South Dakota 

Since the beginning of the year, South Dakota has benefited from a 1% raise and now retirees will receive a monthly benefit worth $1,482.33.

Average annual payment: $17,788

43. Alaska

In Alaska, retirees are lucky enough to receive a payment from the state’s oil-wealth fund and so they can enjoy some extra more money, in 2020 the sum was just a bit under $1000. Each month beneficiaries earn $1,484.18.

Average annual payment: $17,810

42. North Dakota

In North Dakota, the number of retirees that collect benefits is significantly smaller compared to the rest of the states, which include 99,735 people. This year they receive just about $1,491.59 per month.

North Dakota is among the other few states that tax social security benefits.

Average annual payment: $17,899

41. Oklahoma 

Per month, seniors receive about $1,508.09.

Average annual payment: $18,097

40. Nevada

Nevada is also one of the states that benefited from a rise of 1.3% and so the retirees will enjoy the sum of $1,510.27 per month

Average annual payment: $18,123

We know the next one is a part of the state of Washington, however, we thought it’s worth mentioning it:

39. District of Columbia

Those who happen to live in the District of Columbia and receive social benefits get $1,510.62 each month.

Average annual benefit: $18,127

38. Texas

In Texas, there are millions of people who receive their monthly social payment and it’s worth $1,515.25.

Average annual payment: $18,183

37. West Virginia 

How does the song go? Country roads take me home? Well, after seeing how much the monthly social security benefit is we couldn’t agree more. Retirees can expect $1,515.89/ month.

Average annual payment: $18,191

36. California

California falls unexpectedly in the middle of this rank, by paying its seniors $1,515.91 per month.

Average annual payment: $18,191

35. Idaho

After the raise got to Idaho as well, Idaho retirees will receive benefits worth $1,516.57 per month.

Average annual payment: $18,199

34. Alabama

The average monthly payment for retirees: $1,516.89.

Average annual payment: $18,203

33. Georgia

The average monthly payment for Georgia retirees is around $1,518.72.

Average annual payment: $18,225

32. Ohio

Since the raise given at the beginning of the year, Ohio retirees can enjoy the total sum of $1,519.96/month.

Average annual payment: $18,240

31. Missouri

Missouri is one of the states that is taxing the Social Security benefits of some retirees. Monthly, they receive an average of $1,521.62.

Average annual payment: $18,259

30. Tennessee

The average monthly payment is around $1,534.57.

Average annual payment: $18,415

29. Florida

Florida is a paradise for retirees, is it because of its sandy beaches? Is it because the Social Security benefits are $1,537.42/month? We honestly, don’t know.

Average annual payment: $18,449

28. Hawaii

Hawaii, also known as heaven on Earth, is paying $1,540.42 per month for its retirees’ Social Security benefits.

Average annual payment: $18,485

27. North Carolina

In North Carolina, retirees can expect a total of $1,548.06/month.

Average annual payment: $18,577

26. Oregon

Retirees from Oregon receive $1,551.84 per month.

Average annual payment: $18,622.

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