Trump’s Accountants Just Quit! Here’s Why

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What happened?

While preparing Donald and Melania’s tax returns, their longtime accountants have suddenly quit. On Monday, Letitia James, New York’s attorney general had made public a letter.

The document reveals that the accounting firm, Mazars USA, has stepped down because of some doubts regarding the reliability of key financial statements. This shocking news came out on Monday after James had filed documents regarding the inquiry.

As you may know, the New York prosecutors have started an investigation about the possible banking, insurance, and tax fraud committed by the Trumps and their businesses.

Mazars USA has been preparing financial statements and any tax-related documents for Trump and his organization since 2004. Ever since then, these papers have assured Trump with hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance and loans.

According to some court documents, James has mentioned that the former president was magnifying his net worth in order to impress bankers. And, then he would do the exact opposite in order to lower his taxes.

There’s also a civil suit going on which seeks to oblige Donald Trump, Ivanka, and his son, Donald Jr. to comply with the subpoenas sent from James’ office. The subpoenas are asking for their documents and testimony.

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