‘Will I Get a 2nd Stimulus Check by Xmas?’ — Here’s What You Should Know

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Is there a second COVID-19 stimulus check on the horizon? The vast majority of Americans would be glad to receive another one before the Holiday season since the coronavirus pandemic has left them unemployed and financially unstable.

All those Christmas gifts don’t pay for themselves, and a stimulus check worth $1,200 could be really beneficial for most Americans.

On November 23, many economists, 125, to be specific, expressed their feeling regarding this issue through a letter that was sent directly to Washington. So, can we truly expect a second relief payment from the government this Holiday season?

President-elect Joe Biden is pretty confident about that, saying that he and his colleagues would be happy to see another stimulus check.

But… is that really possible? Let’s find out!

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8 thoughts on “‘Will I Get a 2nd Stimulus Check by Xmas?’ — Here’s What You Should Know”

  1. A lot of People are trying to work from Home. I have not sold anything in 2 yrs. Not too easy just waiting to kick getting there. I do not have any Grandchildren to live thru all his trama in the coming years. I do want Grandchildren but maybe there would be too much worry.

  2. there won’t be 2nd check they messed of the first time mailed to dead people and lifers in prison , VERY STUPID , they probably have enough money already for 2nd round , if some one with a brain handles it.

    1. Well, admittedly, I have made a mistake or two over the years myself. I mean April 16th, 1982, on a stormy Friday evening, long about 7:30 pm, I made a mistake. There is just something not right about the combination of young/male when they think they are in love.

      I had some health issues not long ago, and, while technically the illness is still a thorn in my flesh at the moment it’s been a while since I have suffered from a blackout that left my subconscious mind driving my thoughts and actions.
      I said all of that in order for this to make sense in a way that some will feel as I felt. See… I went fishing one weekend with my dad and grandpa down in Southern Missouri past Elephant Rock where my uncle Charles was living and working in the mines.
      We had an awesome weekend… Uncle Charles played the fiddle and we talked about the stupid stuff you talk about at 3 am while fishing with fam.
      Time flew by me and before I knew it here I was right here at this PC. I didn’t remember who drove home tho… It had to be pop the whole thing was his idea see. However, the van was in the station all weekend I remembered. I didn’t drive, I had a Corvet 76 blk and my old green 70 Camaro.
      No I don’t.. but I remembered locking them both as clear as I knew my name. Fine I said… “DAD” I belted out. “HEY, Father mine?” from where I was sitting I couldn’t see the living room or his room.
      I grumbled something stupid that I was about 7 minutes from being gladly willing to have done if it helped this issue.. I walked through the house like I owned the place. “Man its dark up in here.” I stopped at the fridge to grab my dad a Pepsi but there weren’t any in there cold. “Note to self; for the good of humanity put Pepsi in for pop.. lol”. I looked at my dad’s parrot. ” You see what I did there Jack? Put in Pops for my Pops? Get it?”
      I rolled up in the living room and said “AIGHT DADDY… Let’s you and me want some movies and play for the world champion Chess player.” NOTA PEEP “DAD?” I turned to go see what he was in bed this time of night for because my dad was a metal worker see and he was the foreman on 3rd shift. I hated it after he got burned so badly one night when a zinc pot exploded over him.
      Remember the 7 minutes? well, what I grumbled was “I can’t believe he is gonna make me get up and walk to the other end of the house before he talks to me… Typing Ronnie..”
      My 7 min are up and I am standing at his bedroom door.. keyword DOOR. Dad didn’t do doors I set my hand on that handle and swung it open. The room was pitch black but for one red and one green light.. and I feel to my knees. I do own this place. My daddy had been gone for 15 yrs already.. grandpa for 19, and Uncle Charles for 30. That was the last one of those horrific episodes I have had. I was a mess laying there by his oxygen tank.. telling GOD. Nope.. This far and not one step more Lord. That was a mistake in my brain that was without a doubt was and is more than I can bear. I mean I was firm.. telling God how in charge of my life I was and if that mistake of “Gone Fishing with Dead Family” ever happened again it would be the last time I would eat a .45 cal. We say such stupid things to God.. to Space… to friends.. to ourselves.. to parents.. to our kids and or spouses.

      We have the power of life and death in our words in so many ways my sister American. Do a tired but faithful old man a solid favor if you don’t mind. Change your focus from the error to the intent and lets you and me pretend that it is well with our souls or spirits or our minds.. whatever needs to be well lol.

      The story was long.. and I assure it is also true

  3. A second stimulus check would help out greatly!! I can’t work as i have Multiple sclerosis & my husband is disabled as well. Well having rent that is $940 plus bills dont leave much money for food. And we cant get food assistance cause my 16 year old gets a small part of his dads social security puts us over the limit to get any help!!

  4. A second stimulus check would be nice, I have a payee I get $50.00 a week The first one I spent on some stupid things this one I’ll just have my payee raise my weekly check so I have more more money each week it was one of the options before but I listened to some people staying with me they walked all over me use d me lied to me I’m kicking them out they made me so I wasn’t able to think straight

  5. We could certainly use one. Damn shame Pelosi had been playing politics along when she recently admitted she’ll agree to one now. There will be another leader in place. Love how they screw us with the salaries we pay them. Especially bad for the millions worse off than we are. Plus, she accepted less than she kept increasing. Once again. Power control and politics outweigh those they’re supposed to represent. Out of control.

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