Everything You Should Know About the NY Terror Attack

A terrorist made a pipe bomb that exploded in New York City in a bus station and it was made out of Christmas lights. Filed terrorist, Akayed Ullah, 27 years old, tied a bomb around his torso when he walked through Port Authority on Monday morning.

The bomb hurt three people and the Ullah’s stomach, he has burns and cuts and obviously was arrested. The attacker said that he did this because everyone discriminates the Muslims and it was a revenge. He said the Christmas posters he saw in Manhattan made him very nervous. The terrorist told the police investigators that the bomb was deliberate.

A man who works in the area declared to the officers: ‘As soon as I got out there was about five heavily-armed coppers in the station entrance and outside was just rammed with news crews, police and people all on their phones letting everyone know they’re safe. Police were sprinting between us making sure people were okay.’

The explosion was at 7:20am (12.20pm GTM). He was arrested and taken to the hospital supervised by police. The other injured people are at the hospital too, but they have minor injuries.

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