5 People Who Sued Themselves

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People sue one another all the time, but it happens on a daily basis so there’s no longer a shock factor. But what is very rare is people suing themselves…

Yes, you read that right. Some people actually sued themselves for various reasons, But the situation can be so much more complicated than we thought. I have to ask: Do you hire just one lawyer or do you need two?

Who is the witness, is it still the same person? Even though it may come as news to you, this has been happening since 1899.

1. Curtis Gokey

In 2006, Curtis Gokey filed a lawsuit against the city of Lodi, California after his car was crashed into by a truck owned by the city. The problem was he was the one behind the wheels of the truck.

The lawsuit didn’t pass, but that didn’t stop Gokey’s wife to sue the city and by extension her husband because the crashed car was hers. Shockingly, this didn’t pass either.

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