Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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What is considered a personal injury case?

For starters, these involve the negligent actions of other people and so that includes: automotive, motorcycle and truck accidents.

But your personal injury lawyer can also deal with cases surrounding aviation accidents, bike accidents, mass transportation accidents, boating and pedestrian accidents.

They can also take care of situations like negligent security, slip and fall accidents or animal bites and attacks. In addition, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and construction accidents are under their jurisdiction.

If you fall victim of these accidents you are entitled to compensation because of the injuries that you suffered.

The following situations are considered damage: medical expenses, loss of income or earning capacity, loss of companionship, pain, suffering, inability to enjoy life.

What can you expect from your lawyer?

Like any other lawyer they will fight like crazy for your entitled compensation and rights (in exchange for an hourly fee of course).

But let’s get more specific about the things they will do if you are the victim of one of the previously mentioned situations:

1. They will investigate the claims

Firstly, they will make sure it’s worth taking this case, by investigating the circumstances and claims.

There are chances they will not accept your case if they don’t see winning chances (but that’s the case for most lawyers in other departments as well);

2. Start gathering evidence 

Like any other lawyer, to sustain their arguments they need proof and so they will start looking for it. That includes: talking to witnesses, medical reports, property damage reports, gathering police reports, looking at footage, take pictures and so on.

These types of evidence will provide the court with a more clear picture of what happened and who’s at fault for the accident.

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