11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know

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Bear in mind…

While most of us would assume that all police officers know what they are doing, that’s not always the case. In some cases, a civilian could know more about laws than some police officers. But that doesn’t mean we should not respect them, on the contrary.

Law enforcement officers are keeping our streets safe every single day, so even if they might have their “secrets” when it comes to applying the law, most times, they think it’s for the greater good. Plus, a retired police commander, Rick Bruno, also mentioned that there are many laws a police officer should know by heart, so how many things you memorized perfectly?

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2 thoughts on “11 Things Police Officers Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. This was very well done. Even with the ‘millions’ of pop-up ad, the info was speedy without long delays. This is how all the gigs should be! Good job. BTW, I did have time to check out some of the products.

  2. You specified the law in two states regarding a police officer’s right to demand identification. Is there a website where I can learn about the laws in the 48 remaining states regarding this issue?

    Thank you,

    Mary Sausalito

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