Top 7 Important Social Security Questions Answered for You

Social Security is one of those things everyone benefits from, but few understand it for good. No matter if you’re happy with your situation or not, some information can really help you set a better income.

Although you may be eligible for extra benefits, you’re the only one who can take the first step to get extra rights for you and your family.

Here are some important questions few people think of asking, that help any U.S. citizen get what they truly deserve!

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3 thoughts on “Top 7 Important Social Security Questions Answered for You”

  1. Barbara Branchetti

    How can I get a grant to help me with medical bills, meds and household exp. ,like food utilities etc.

  2. sharon stalsberg

    I filed for ssi in 2017, l was layed off my job in 2016. I made a horrible choice due to depression of losing my job and withdrew funds from my 401k and paid my house off. I turn 65 this year and received letter from ssi saying l would be charged $458.00 a month for medicare based on my 2016 tax return, l cannot afford that. I appealed, went to the ssi office and was told it would be based on my 2017 tax return, but yesterday received a letter stating l would still be charged the $458.00, what can l do now to get the to readjusted based on my 2017 return?

  3. Lauren Kimmel

    I receive about $620 a month in S.S. From that $83 is taken out for Medicare, which I need desperately. I have an 11 yr old daughter who is in custody of my mother. I want to earn more money and have custody of her one day… I was wondering how much I am permitted to earn each month? Also I need a free, or affordable secondary insurance if possible… I want to take care of my health and find an affordable place of my own. In the long run, I want to become successful enough to not have to rely on S.S. Thank you for your time, I look forward to a response.

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