Here’s How Much Your State Makes From Taxes

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When it comes time to pay the taxman, we’re all in the same boat. But, what we pay isn’t always the same. Because while the bulk of your taxes in a given year are kicked up to the IRS and the federal government, there’s still a big chunk headed to the statehouse — and those taxes are by no means consistent.

Depending on which state you call home, the types of taxes you’re subject to — and just how much they amount to — are going to be very different.

That’s why a study to lays out precisely what this tapestry of different state taxes looks like. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides clear figures on how much money each tax collects on an annual basis. From there, the study divided the total by the state’s population to determine a rough number for what each citizen’s “share” comes out to.

After tallying that figure across more than a dozen different forms of state taxes — not all of which are noted beyond the methodology — the study found the total amount of tax collected on a per-person basis by each state.

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