These 13 States Tax Your Social Security Benefits

Many states impose Social Security benefits (27, to be exactly) and 13 states tax only a portion. Find how different states tax your Social Security benefits!

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Based on the age of the taxpayers, this state exempts pension and annuity income, including Social Security benefits. If taxpayers report taxable Social Security benefits on their federal return, this federal taxable portion can qualify to be excluded from Colorado state tax under the Colorado pension subtraction system.

The next state may be known as The Land of Steady Habits, but it’s steady taxes too…..

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97 thoughts on “These 13 States Tax Your Social Security Benefits”

    1. Term Limits, Term Limits, Term Limits!!
      Maybe electing people who can’t make a l o n g career out of serving in Senate or House would cut through the fog and bring fresh perspective (and fewer “obligations”) to the fore.

      1. Carolyn, though I agree with you I feel it might have gone too far. With younger people in government we’ll be stuck with brain washed indoctrinated socialists. Some other things I strongly feel we need are full background checks for anyone running for any congressional seat. Did you know they don’t have that now? Also, anyone being questioned by any committee should be hooked up to a polygraph. It might not be 100% but it could scare some of those liars into telling the truth.

        1. Without those “socialists” you could kiss your Medicare, Social Security, fire fighters , police, interstates…. etc. All done by everyone paying into for everyones benefit.

          1. Ba HA HA : You really think we have Medicare, Firefighters, police and interstates now? Medicare is broke, Firefighters and police are unionized into Liberal security forces with one goal to keep the plantations going, and the interstates is a three card monte; you pay taxes to build them then you pay taxes to use them so they can divert the tax dollars to Social indoctrination: Jim, you need to get a set of balls dude

          2. It is not socialistic to pay taxes. I gladly pay my taxes, school, property, etc., but I want my personal lifestyle to be of my own choosing.

          3. programs we the people ask for and are on the governing board calling the shots. No Govt interference AT ALL ,.other wise ,it’s garbage . ONE Example ! when social security was passed into law ,the first provision was – Social Security can “NEVER ” Be taxed. Been voting for over 50 yrs and no one asked me if congress could start taxing my social security. I wrote about it a few times — No replies — they started out small about 5to 7 percent. And every couple of years ,because the voters never threatened to vote them out or worse ,have them arrested for grand theft , they just kept sweetening the pot for themselves, The rate has gone up to 85% . And even though that would be bad enough, they keep stealing all that is paid in & now worn us that social security may be bankrupt if we don’t cut back on the yrs or the amount that everyone receives. Believe me ,their is no account stating that this is Soc sec for the future. Us poor suckers are being kept afloat by our massive debt where we are supposed to be paid back . Yeah,Right . Here ‘s the kicker right in our guts. Congress does not share in social security . They have their own special medical coverage. Free & they don’t have to contribute to SS like us poor low life’s do . The funny thing from their prospective is that they keep us tax payers fighting among ourselves re Republi & democ . While living the good life.

          4. Richard Leutzinger

            That is incorrect. Over 40% are not paying for “anything” currently. Incorrect use of the term “everyone”.

          5. Exactly Jim. Some people actually believe that the money they paid into the system while working goes into a personal account set aside for their exclusive use. Preposterous as that is, there are many uninformed people in our country.

          6. As an educated citizen you are knowledgeable about how Social Security and Medicare work. But be prepared for angry comments from citizens who haven’t a clue about how Social Security works. There are people who think that the Social Security taxes they paid went into a private account set aside for their benefit only. While it is true that paying more into the system can generate higher benefits the reality is that today’s workers are providing the money for today’s retirees.

          7. Absolutely Jim. But there are many uninformed people who actually believe that the FICA taxes they pay go into their own personal retirement account. Now the more money you pay in the higher your benefits may be but the monthly checks retirees receive come from contributions into the system from today’s workers to a considerable extent.

          8. William McCarthy

            I agree with Jim; and I cheerfully pay taxes to benefit the comnon good. Unions? Thank you, yes! They protect the workingperson from exploitation. Balls? It takes real courage to have working faith in your fellow citizens, and to sacrifice some of your convenience and comfort to bring health, education and security to others, including immigrants, by participation in good government.

          9. you said one correct thing–we paid into them –
            not welfare
            not a freebee-
            PAID FOR-

          10. Problem here Jim, is that too few of the socialists are paying any share let alone their fair share.
            I’m not rich enough to support many of them.

        2. I strongly feel there should be limited terms for everyone serving within the Government.
          These people seem to go in for a term and stay their entire life (mostly because the people do not do their homework before voting) they just go in and push the button. This is a shame there is not much thought to what they are doing.

          1. There are term limits!!! There just isn’t any one with enough financial backing to get rid of the people who have lifetime seats. Home town ralleys are expensive and normal people don’t have the millionaire or “ foreign” backing required to become a part of Washington DC .. so we do have term limits …

        3. How can Seniors & Disabled live on SSI & SSD. Not enough money goes to these people. On top of it the government gives money to people that never paid into it. Then illegal aliens also receive money from the government. Let’s for once take care of our seniors & disabled along with the troopers coming out of the military.

          1. You don’t! You are supposed to save money, in your younger years, buy a house and sell it for three times the purchase price, when you get to be 65. That should be your nest egg! If anything goes wrong, like divorce, catastrophic health issue, you are screwed unless you have lots of insurances that will protect you in case of fire, food, earthquake, hurricanes and tornadoes.

          2. Social Security was never intended to be your sole means of support upon retirement. Many people receive a pension from a former employer and most people begin saving for retirement while still in their thirties and forties. For those truly impoverished there is Supplemental Security Income.

          3. Social Security was never intended to be anyone’s sole means of support when they retire. Many employers offer pensions and I was taught to start saving for retirement when I began working. With SSA, the pension from my job and my personal savings, I manage quite well. People should all be aware that Social Security is not intended to be one’s sole means of support unless one is planning to live a very austere lifestyle.

          4. You were damn right. It’s a legal citizens of this country seniors included with stand up and protest like all the other people have been protesting we might get somewhere. I know I would be willing to March and I am a senior citizen. This administration is totally pathetic and to be ousted as quickly as possible before we completely sink under

        4. What socialist policies do you object to? Do you object to Social Security and/or Medicare. People who receive those benefits are funded by people currently in the work force whose contributions pay the benefits for retirees who are eligible. Both programs are prime examples of Socialism. If you object strongly you can tell the Social Security Administration to stop sending you checks. Any money you paid into the system was used ti make payments to those already retired. You have the right of refusal if you don’t want to benefit from such socialist programs.

          1. Have you looked at how Social Security was done away with when it came to railroad employees. Excellent management by Railroad Retirement (the railroad is federally subsidized yet Union) keeps it a fund with a wall around it. No dipping into this fund for wars or pet projects. Wives of railway workers who never worked or paid into any retirement fund collect at age 60, full retirement age in Railroad Retirement as much as $50,000, a year. People who have worked and paid into social security for 30years do not get that much. The inequity in retirement with Federal backing (subsidized industries) is creating retired elitist who comment, I don’t care what happens to social security it’s not my problem! Put a wall around social security so the federal government can’t dip into it.

          2. Deborah….You don’t know what life holds for you, things might be great now but can change over night. We are in our 80’s and worked hard during our lifetime and did indeed plan ahead for our retirement. But things unforeseen caused us to lose said retirement. Now, we have been living on S.S.
            and a measely little pension that pays our health insurance for the last 15 plus years. But, we don’t complain because we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food to eat. We have never been on welfare or received food from a food bank. We just know how to manage what we do have. We don’t live beyond our means, never have. God is good!

          3. Hi Debra, technically speaking social security and medicare are paid by you for you. The system was initially supposed to be a hands off lock box but Congress opened it up and spent all the money. Had they taken what I paid in and invested it in just a normal fund over the past 63 years I would have had more than enough money to last me into the 100’s. Fortunately I did not just depend on ssa for my retirement.

      2. Yeah and Trump was headed in that direction to do just that!
        Another reason for Dems to rig the election!
        80 year old Pelosi and 88 year old Feinstein!
        These people think they are immortal and crave power.
        Hope they keep it in hell!

    2. Eddie Holdway

      It is hard for people to live off of Social Security. As high as things are now, a person has to work past retirement age just to barely make it nowadays. Also the government is taking our Social Security and giving it to all the these illegal immigrants who hasn’t paid into it.

      1. Illegal immigrants pay into social security but they can’t access it. The government does not pay social security to illegal immigrants.

        1. You’re wrong Sarah. To pay into SS, you must have a SS number and be a US citizen. Illegals are just that, illegal, not citizens and cannot obtain a SS number. Therefore they do not pay into it.

      2. I am unaware of Illegal immigrants receiving monetary benefits from the government. They receive food while being imprisoned but would you prefer to let these people starve to death? I will not object to my tax money being used to feed people who would otherwise starve.

  1. So much for gaining independence from the mother land because of EXCESS TAXATION without representation. Social security should never be taxed. You can’t live off of it. Unless you’re wealthy enough you can never retire. No wonder the younger generation have no jobs. The old folks have to continue working until death doing jobs that originally were for young people starting out.

    1. Agreed mickie , I hardly live off social security, if it’s what you call living it’s month to month with nothing left over for emergencies , it’s more like just breathing not living

    2. Interesting that you capitalize EXCESS TAXATION and then go to lower case for :”without representation”. Fact is, it was the lack of representation that drove the issue of independence. In the US we the people ELECT a Congress and state legislatures to represent us. You just don’t agree with what they do. So…run for office against them on a platform of no taxes.

    3. Exactly! I have run the numbers and see no way to retire until I turn 74 ( should I be so lucky to live that long) and at that 1 will not be living high on the hog. I just checked my ssi status and as of this year (age 62) I have now officially paid $100,000.00 into the system.

  2. I have lived in this state all my 82 years of life and also my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Dems have taken over and life is no longer worth living in this state. Those residents that can get out are getting out. Don’t move to this blood-sucing state. It will drain you dry.

    1. Shirley, my dear… Why are you blaming the ‘Dems’? Because you don’t want to point the finger at where it REALLY belongs? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer… Why is that?? It’s the Republican way. Rest easy, Shirley.

      1. The problem is the Dem’s policies that are coming from people who are moving into Colo from California and other liberal states. The people get rich by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist and don’t sit on their butts waiting for a handout from some socialist Dem.

      2. Enrique G Galindo

        Look up information on who taxes your SS I believe it was Bill Clinton and Al Gore in order to make up the money they were stealing from SS……Obama Taxes your work at lease $125.00 more a paycheck in order to pay for like Planned Parenthood, for phone, more food stamp. Their are lot more so look it up. I work two jobs all my and pay a lot of taxes.I didn’t vote for Obama he gave what 500 Million to Iran so where do you think that money came from…….

        1. Wrong. SD is not Federally taxed. It’s taxed by states, so that would be hard for Clinton/Gore to do.

          Plus, those are the guy’s (DEMs) who want to save SS. Gore wanted a lock box on SS so the Feds couldn’t use it.

          Take a look at the Republicans. They want to privatize SS. That way if the economy takes a crap… You get NOTHING.

        2. Seriously… Your “facts” are so off, I don’t know how you function. My God, read a book or something.

        3. Susan Giordano

          Enrique G Galindo The $400 million was not ours. It was Iran’s money, payment for fighter jets when Iran was an ally. When Teheran, Iran became an enemy in 1979, the planes were never delivered. US froze Iranian assets in America. When the nuclear deal was negotiated with Obama, there was an exchange of hostages. US returned 7 Iranian hostages to Iran. The US got back 5 hostages.
          Obama negotiated releasing $1.7 billion of which the $400 million was first payment. Iran was asking the world court, the Hague, to get $10 billion from US. The $400 million was in cash because Iran was not a part of the international bank system.

      3. mike gallagher

        Juliann, are you insinuating Democrats are poor? The Clintons, obamas, etc. are making more now than they ever dreamed of….yep, the rich and corrupt do get richer.

      4. Sorry but it was the democrats that first started borrowing from our social security, which was originally set up not to be borrowed from. But good old democrats changed the law. So give creit where credit is due – the democrats did it!

      5. JULIANN, you don’t know what you’re talking about. en people get wealthy they build more factories, expand what they have and hire more middle class who’re willing to work for a buck. Obviously you’re another one of those brainwashed socialists who’re nothing but a bunch of communists who want to overthrow our government and rule us instead of represent us. You so called democrats have managed to thoroughly screw up everything in the U.S. and make it a communist dictatorship.


        OMG Shirley is blaming the Democrats because they have been in control of our government for years and years. They have mismanaged SS money for years and tell us it will be gone one day. YUP that’s the Democratic way. ::)

      7. Julian I have been Dem all my life I’m 76 and I changed parties this year I am so ashamed of the Democratic Party and what it has become I am on SS and have benefited under Trump he has done everything he said he would. Under Dems we stand to lose our freedom speech and everything. China says we will no longer be by 2027. Dems are so crooked and Obummer started all this racism crap.

      8. Juliann, my dear… Have you ever wondered why some get rich and others do not? Sheer luck maybe? It is true that some, very few, actually, inherit wealth. The vast majority become wealthy because that is what they merit through their thinking and behavior. Our station in life is determined by what we do day after day. If all of the nation’s wealth was to be distributed equally among our population – a socialist’s fondest dream – you would eventually have rich and poor again for the same reasons they got rich/poor in the first place: people arrive at their station in life as a result of their thoughts and actions. “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it (…) Your happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts; therefore act accordingly and be careful not to entertain yourself in notions inadequate for virtue and reasonable nature.”
        Marcus Aurelius

        Rest easy, Juliann

    2. Interesting, New York does not tax your social security. So you really can’t blame it on the “Dems”. Right now your Republicans are trying to cut your social security benefits. They don’t care about anything except money.

    3. nickolae gerstner

      Dear Shirley, I was 85 last August, so do give my three-year seniority the proper respect. . Indeed, it
      I is costly to live in California, The wealthy may have financial outlets. , but we poor folk can enjoy the sunshine at no cost. Ever hunker down on a cold zero digit day in Minnesota?

  3. Here are some interesting facts to ponder: If a person gets a $15.00 minimum wage that many states are saying a person needs to live, that comes to $31, 176 ( $15 x 40 hours a week times 4 1/3 weeks x 12 months) . The average Social Security check is $ 1500 a month x 12 months = $18000 a year. Can somebody explain to me how it becomes that much cheaper to live when you get older ? I really think that the government should look at how the Social Security cost of living is computed .

    1. Not t mention when they give you a raise,which by the way is not every year the take more of it back for Medicare part B. I got $26 more this month and they raised part B by $10. That means $4 a week more What will I do with all that money ?

  4. Juanita Robertson

    Taxing social security income is ludicrous. The worker’s income is taxed as it is earned then taxed again upon retirement. This double taxation is so unfair, especially when looking at the many senseless ways that the government wastes money. Taxing of social security and other retirement incomes should be outlawed immediately.

    1. SS is a tax it is a 13% tax that is paid every time you receive a pay check that is the first tax that is taken out. So double taxation supposedly illegal. Oh wait they call SS and entitlement. How can it be an entitlement if you pay into it…..

    2. I agree. We earned those salaries with our sweat and blood and we paid for those SS from our income. Then, when we retired the government is again taxing then. I think the politicians do not understand this and if they do, they just ignore the suffering Americans. I read somewhere that these politicians should or must have limits term to serve in the government. I agree with that too.

  5. Eugene Korzeniowski

    The federal government should not tax SS for seniors over 65 since most live on it and the government robs them again as they do me as I am 82 and relie on the full amount.

  6. I think I will go back to work.This is what our government wants to keep getting taxes from us.Keep voting for the big money people in both the Democrat and Republican Parties.They have people that can add and subtract for them.I can do this for myself.

    1. I agree with you! I know they are pushing the Quit smoking on us also, they say it is for our benefit, BUT>>> if they keep us healthy they get more of our money longer. And Now they are even telling us we cannot smoke in our OWN homes?? Don’t let them pass this law, whether you smoke or not. It should be OUR choice!!

      1. Cami, I think it should be the smoker’s children’s choice. They are the ones who end up with smoke in their young lungs often causing life-long breathing problems. For me it’s asthma, for others it’s chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Not being able to breathe is not funny. It gets worse as you get older even if you’ve never smoked yourself. Smokers tend to be self centered (to put it mildly.)

  7. Brenda Gilland

    Why tax our SSI we already paid taxes on it, I guess so the Government can keep stealing from Social Security shame on your TENNESSEE Lawmakers. Leave our hard earned money alone we earned it not your’s

  8. H&R Block taxed my Social Security Disability benefits for the year 2019, in Massachusetts I think I got scewed.

  9. Susann Stanhope

    Republicans didn’t scream for high wages for entry level jobs meant for student seniors and moms to make a little extra for extra needs, or for free education for any degree even ones that had very little promise for decent careers. Free medical free education etc etc etc. Wake up you will nothing is free every one pays. TAXES HIGHER HIGHER. ETC. ETC ECt !!!

  10. I would love to be able to afford this, yet today I have NO credit cards as I have no bank account and due to my landlord and the fact that all mail I receive at this location is thrown away by my roommates as they hate me because I am white and they are not and therefore I must use a postoffice box number and credit card companies will not send me a card due to the postoffice box address and NO bank account and yet I am notified of malware and have no job as today I have eye cataracts!!!

  11. As I am getting close to retirement. I see that all the years of dutifully paying my taxes and throwing all my money into the collective SSI pot. I see it will never stop. I thought once you retire you get a break from taxes. I see how misguided i was. I was planning to move closer to my children and grandchildren. Looks to me this taking advantage of senior citizens meager income is common place. Nothing like taking advantage of the elderly is there?

  12. Eugene Korzeniowski

    Virginia taxes SS on what the Fed does. Its not fair either way. Living on SS is difficult as it is. No one at 65 and above should be charged taxes on their SS.

  13. John B Watkins

    My state does not tax my SSI, but my objection is that the federal government does. I have paid SSI taxes steadily since 1960. At age 75 I still work full time (60 hours per week managing a gated community with 2,600+ owners). My employer and I pay $13K+ in social security taxes annually. Because of my W2 income, the SSI for both my benefits and my wife’s who worked and earned a pension in her own right are taxed. When we paid into SS, it was already on an aftertax basis (we did not get deductions from of federal tax for monies paid into SS). Now that we are starting to draw benefits, we are taxed again on money we paid in on an after tax basis and are now paying a high tax rate which effectively means we are paying our own SSI benefits ourselves every year. It is an inexcusable double taxation. I work because I enjoy it and my employer badly needs someone with my credentials. I do not mind paying taxes to the federal government, but this tax is beyond the pale. No part of SSI benefts should be taxable by either a state or the federal government. Because I had high incomes in the 1990-2004 time frame, I will not recover what I personally paid into SSI (not counting my employer’s match plus) until I turn 98. I agree with your argument but suggest you go after the feds as well.

  14. It would be nice to have a universal united states card from the government at the time of retirement to be able buy everything half off. This will make it easier for seniors to enjoy their golden years with less stress. Most important not to tax our social security benefits.

  15. I don’t mind paying taxes to support law enforcement, fire fighters, infrastructure and national defense. Socialists are quick to throw Medicare and Social Security at those of us who are suspicious and in my case, have a personnel reason for despising socialism.
    I would rather have money taken out for Medicare into an account with my name on it and for my benefits. I consider Social Security a scam so typical of socialists. Why would I want to contribute into a pool and in the end get a monthly salary based on the top 35 earning years? I’ve worked over 47 years. Where’s the additional 12 years of my money going??? I would rather take all that money that I worked for and have the option to put it into any investments I see fit rather than have the government tell me where it should go. I am opposed to their filthy hands take it from me to support their failed programs.
    My plan is called Capitalism. It is what made America great once. Your Social Security scam doesn’t reward the hard working middle class. It’s purpose is to take our hard earned money and give some of it to others. This is true socialism, the big lie! If you want socialism, go live in Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia, China or North Korea.

    1. William McCarthy

      Capitalism has as many faults as it offers benefits. Good government, including our dedicated participation, is the only means capable to contain the excesses of the capitalist system. This truth has been shown time and time again.

  16. Can we STOP this DEM’s fault and REP fault nonsense. Both are at fault and never are at fault. We are Americans so let’s stop pointing fingers and make things work together for ALL AMERICANS. STOP FIGHTING WE CAN’T ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING FIGHTING EACHOTHER.

  17. I live in Florida and 10% is taken out of my ss checks. I don’t get even $1000.00 a month to survive on. Our government gets enough from all other taxes. Give all ss 100% back to it’s retirees!!

  18. Together we stand,divided we fall. Why do we continue to “LET” our federal government and our state governments double tax SS.

  19. I think its time that all seniors rebel against their respective states. When buying something, tell the cashier you will not be pay the state, or federal sales tax since you already paid from social security. Just an idea.
    Better than my other idea. I would just shoot all the politicians involved in the theft of our social security system….. It’s just an idea and I don’t own any weapons, however, I would not be afraid to punch them out. The whole bunch are nothing more than crooks…..

  20. Massachusetts also hits your SS . First, this was enacted by Pres. Regan it was for the sole purpose that Federal Retirees could not double dip. It was not for local municipal workers to be touched until some states decided to get more money out of these retirees. There is a bill being pushed to stop this nonsense, but with COVID-19 our leaders have “better ” things to do! By the way, it mostly Democratic Legislatures who enacted this bill to hit the working person.

  21. Connecticut taxes our pensions and my Social Security check. The pensions are automatically taxed by the State of Connecticut, the Social Security is voluntary, thank you to the last 2 governors we have had. We have a few places that give Senior Citizens a discount. But there aren’t many places.

  22. Teresa Buechele

    I agree with every thing that is said. Politicians have taken over with no regard for the people. Especially the senior citizens. They have been taking money from Social Security for years and years. It is time we start looking out for ourselves. Don’t pay for anymore taxes! We have already paid the taxes all our working lives. Social Security is our money, we paid the taxes and should not be taxed again!

  23. These people that we elect to represent us in Washington D.C. do not care about us. Most of them have never really worked a real job. They live off the hard working true Americans.

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