The IRS Says This Tax Season Is a Mess – Here’s Why

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2. ”It’s the computer’s fault”

A few weeks back the IRS released a statement in which they blamed the backlog with inadequate funding and their outdated technologies.

3. They can’t manage to hire people

Another reason for this huge backlog is the fact that the IRS seems to be unable to hire new people. There are not enough people to work on the backlog. Apparently, a while ago they had about 5,000 open positions.

They only managed to fill 200 of them.

4. Audits may be paused

Officials mentioned that audits may be paused for several months until things get back on track. This can have a serious impact on the agency, but they seem to believe that this will help free up some resources and reduce the calls and correspondence that need to be processed during this time.

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