The IRS Says This Tax Season Is a Mess – Here’s Why

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5. The IRS is no longer sending certain notices

At the beginning of January, a statement was released by the IRS where they mentioned that they stopped sending notices. Several letters including CP80 (for unfiled tax returns) and CP501 (for balances due) were suspended.

The IRS noted that they can’t stop all notices because it’s not legal to do so. Will this create more chaos than good? What do you think?

Tax professionals are frustrated as well

This chaos provoked by the IRS is a problem for everyone, accountants included. The American Institute of CPAs is trying to make the IRS provide some relief for the taxpayers.

They are also seeking to pause automated compliance actions. That being said no one is happy about what is going on and some will push it to extreme lengths in order to get some answers.

Is the IRS making fun of us?

Like there wasn’t enough stress floating around about the tax season, this will also add to it. What is the IRS trying to do? How will they make the situation better? Will this be the messiest tax season so far?

I don’t know about you, but these are the questions that I have no answer for and, as a taxpayer, that worries me.

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