Can You Believe These 16 Insane Tax Breaks?

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When faced with tax returns, how open do you happen to daydream of miraculous, last-minute write-offs and deductions that could save you thousands of dollars?

It happens to the best of us, even when we know better. Perhaps that’s because taking a break from work and letting our imaginations run wild for a little while will help us in the long run? Who knows?

Some people take it rather seriously, though. Trying to deduct every last expense without fear of consequences… until, of course, the consequences show up and bite you in the rear!

We’ve covered some of these here: 14 Nice-try Tax Breaks Rejected by Uncle Sam
But today we’re going to talk about people with seemingly outlandish write-offs that managed to pull it all off! You could learn a thing or two about these people who decided to think outside the box when doing their taxes.

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