Are These 11 Things Actually Illegal? And If They Are, Why!?

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North Carolina: Bingo Games For Five Plus Hours

When was the last time you got so excited over a game of Bingo that you wanted to play for hours and hours and hours on end!? Well, if you visit or live in North Carolina, you’re in tough luck, since in this state, Bingo games can not be longer than five hours.

This may seem like a silly old rule that has no basis in reality, but there may be an explanation… if you’re willing to believe it!

The idea behind this law may be in protecting seniors. Since Bingo is mostly associated with older folks, lawmakers may have tried to crack down on geriatric bingo sharks. On the other hand, people who work in retirement communities argue that limiting the game like this is unnecessary and oftentimes cruel towards seniors who actually enjoy the game.

Think about it this way: the state can’t limit how many hours a day a teenager can play a game on their computer, but they can call Bingo games unlawful if they last more than five hours!?

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