11 Ways Snowbirds Could Be Taxed As Residents In Florida

Photo by evgenii mitroshin from shutterstock.com

2. Get a driver’s license for Florida

It is very important to obtain a driver’s license in the state if you want to be considered a resident. This should be done immediately because you cannot do certain things without a driver’s license such as voting, applying for tax breaks, and a few other things.

You must apply in person and the fee is around $48.

3. Your vehicles must be registered and insured in Florida

This is another aspect on your checklist that must be done the second after you obtained your driver’s license. Register and insure your vehicles in Florida.

4. Engage in normal activities

Act like a normal Florida resident and participate in daily activities. Make sure that when it comes up to those activities that require or offer any registration you sign up or apply for permits in Florida.

This can mean any activity, even applying for a library card in the state. Also, consider voting in Florida.

5. Consider renting or buying a bigger property 

Purchasing a bigger house means that you are serious about your plans to be a resident in the state.

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