Cutting Out These 15 Expenses Will Save You $9,295.94 a Year

When it comes to living expenses, the truth is that most Americans subsist on a very thin margin. Seventy-eight percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck just to make ends meet, according to CareerBuilder.

The good news is that if you take a closer look at how you live, you’re likely to find many areas in which you can trim expenses and give yourself an extra buffer.

Click through our list to see the unnecessary expenses you need to slash from your budget — and how it can save you thousands of much needed dollars.

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18 thoughts on “Cutting Out These 15 Expenses Will Save You $9,295.94 a Year”

    1. Well, gee. The only two we have of those 15 are Dish TV and $4.95 mo. bank fee. We live in the boonies and don’t go anywhere much…and really enjoy our TV…it’s worth it. Our bank is great and the $4.95 is also worth it. So, we’ll just hang in there where we are.

    2. If you stream or something you can’t watch TV nowadays. You cannot just plug in and watch anymore. I can see getting rid of cable. Costs entirely too much.

    1. yes, it just says that you can spend more on streaming then with cable if you subscribe to many different forms. I get it, just only get what you can use.

    2. We enjoy watching some news and weather, but after we like watching our spiritual movies. We don’t smoke, spend money on going out. We like being at home. Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. This was great and very helpful. I have thought about several of the topics you covered. This information will help me and many others. Thank you.

  2. I have been eliminating some of these already. This reinforces what I was thinking! My next choice is to drop paying for an e-mail address when there are several free ones out there now.


  4. Dropped my land line and Frontier Comm. doubled the internet charges and here in
    the northeast San Fernando Valley of Calif. the FCC has left us with very little/next-to-nothing

  5. I have Netflix, I smoke but do not spend as much as indicated on them because I roll my own cigarettes. That being said, I get the tubes in a box for about $4.00 and the bag of tobacco is about $9.00. I generally get two of each per month which puts me at $26.00 to smoke costing $312.00 yearly, Netflix costs me $15.99 per month , plus I have a Roku device and approximately 176 channels I can watch, I do pay for cable but it is bundled along with my phone and internet. As for Hulu, there are free movies a person can watch without need for a membership. When you are disabled, there is a need for some type of pastime to keep a person entertained. I have heat, lights, and water bundled into the rent, so there are ways to save money like eating at home vs. a restaurant. Groceries cost me more a month. We rarely go out to eat or to the movies.

  6. I’m not worried long as I have oil and my music if you cut out everything let me let you in on a secret when you die you can’t take it either you live why we still can trust me I know lost my whole family 12 years ago my mom husband both in-laws 6 days apart then my husband 2 cousins and 2 best friends the biggest loss was my mom dynamite person I will be there with them someday love well watch out for each other this virus was known about before he was elected he wants to win and he will or we go socialize then the government will own us all if that happens going to my house in Bahamas my son can come anytime I say go for it party why we are still alive

  7. You left out soft drinks, sodas. They are mostly damaging and are a great expense.
    If your tap water is good, or you have a good filter built in, try how good natural water tastes.

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