5 Worst Inheritances You Should Stay Away From

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They sound like a good thing in theory, however, if we really think about it, they are bad news. Besides the fact that these imply either our death or someone else’s, a person that may be dear to us, some of them can even bring some trouble.

For example, large inheritances can be subjected to multiple taxes which no one is a fan of. But besides that, some inheritances can be a bad thing to leave behind or to even receive.

Such as the following:

1. Timeshares

What is a timeshare? Well, it’s a long-term contract where you are agreeing to rent out a trip to a resort or vacation property, every year. These can last for decades! They sound like a pretty good deal, don’t they?

However, it’s a bad idea to inherit one or leave them behind to your loved ones. The person that will get these, will also have to deal with the always increasing contract costs.

Discuss with your loved ones and see if they would like to receive one of these, if not try and get rid of it before it’s too late. It’s the same for you if you are aware you’re gonna receive one.

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