5 Worst Inheritances You Should Stay Away From

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4. Vacation properties

This one can become challenging very quickly, especially if there are multiple heirs for the same property. For one, disagreements can easily start, and the situation can get ugly and fast.

In this case, there’s a simple solution, before death they can make all the heirs sign a co-tenancy death agreement which will bring some order into the zoo.

However, if they do get along just fine, you’ll have another bump in the road. The expenses for maintenance, property taxes, the remaining mortgage, and insurance.

5. Any physical property actually

Especially, those ones with sentimental value because just like those mentioned previously, they can spark some family fights. This is quite common when it comes to jewelry, furniture, or silverware.

In order to avoid this from happening, the person that leaves behind the furniture is advised to talk with the members beforehand and establish who gets who.

The main issue with this kind of inheritance is the fact that when people leave these behind, they overestimate their actual value.

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