5 Worst Inheritances You Should Stay Away From

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2. Valuable Collectibles

Firstly, it’s risky to leave collectibles to your loved ones because they can be easily misplaced, thrown away, or sold for an undervalued amount of money. What’s more is that they are generally, hard to value.

They have to be taken to a dealer or a specialist to give you an estimated value for them. If you have the misfortune to meet a dishonest person, they can even trick you and steal them for you if they are valuable items.

If you or anyone close to you plan to leave such items to your loved ones, make sure to learn or tell them where they are and give an estimation about their value.

3. Guns

Giving guns or receiving them as an inheritance can be a tricky thing to leave behind. Why is that? Well, there are many laws and regulations that prohibit you from just getting someone else’s gun.

Depending on your state’s rules and the gun in question, the person that is supposed to get them is required to have a permit or needs the proper registration.

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