5 Lesser-Known Ways to Build Good Credit

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2. Have Your Rent Payments Reported to Credit Bureaus

If you don’t own your home and you’re renting instead, those payments are probably the biggest every month. You might miss out by not reporting your rent to credit bureaus!

Services like RentTrack, Cozy, or Rentler can help with that! All you have to do is ask your landlord to use them to report your monthly payments. By paying through an electronic portal, all three credit bureaus will get reports if you pay on time.

As far as RentTrack goes, you don’t even have to get your landlord involved. Instead, the service sends them a check on your behalf.

Is there a fee for convenience? Of course- nothing in life is free. If you’re paying from a bank account, Rentler will charge you $1.95 per payment. RentTrack charges $6.95, while Pinch, the app for iPhones and Android devices mails your rent check for free! The choice is yours!

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