8 Things You Should Never Put in Your Will

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When it comes to your will, it is better to write it early just to make sure that you include everything you want in it. The will is basically an important document in which all your properties and everything you want to share with your relatives will be included, because on the contrary, the court will decide.

Making an earlier will might be one of the best and mature things you’ll do in your life. Put things in order for your loved ones, before it’s too late and the state will have full control of your properties.

While most of the people are more than serious about their will, others just take it as a joke. William Shakespeare had one of the weirdest wills. He left his second-best bed to his wife.

Do you think Shakespeare was weird? Then what do you think about Janis Joplin who left $2500 for her 200 favorite friends, including her manager, sister and fiance to have a party in her memory?

Do you know that Napoleon Bonaparte also had a weird request on his will? He said that his hair will be divided to all members of the family. Strange right?

Of course, nobody wants to be remembered badly, that’s why we want to share with you the things you mustn’t include in your will.

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