7 Tax Breaks The IRS Is Rejecting

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Let’s just face it: taxes are a HUGE headache! So, when opportunity strikes, we would obviously jump at the chance to get a tax break through any loophole we can find if it suits our own situation.

However, the IRS is always one step ahead of us and some people came up with the most creative and fun ways of trying to get out of their responsibilities of paying certain taxes.

Here are a few examples that will have you in tears:

 1. Like this person who booked a hotel room to get a break and then deducted the costs as a business expense

A tax preparer was running her own business out of her home, and during tax season clients were calling her non-stop. She felt so overwhelmed that she felt the need to book a hotel room for some well-deserved peace and quiet.

She deducted the costs as business expenses, however, the Tax Court ruled that her nap was not deductible.

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