12 States Where Your Retirement Income Won’t Be Taxed

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After working hard their entire lives, the worst nightmare for every single retiree out there would be paying taxes on their income. Sadly, not all American retirees have the luxury of enjoying and getting all their retirement income, as some states do impose taxes on 401(k)s, IRAs, and pensions.

And whoever thinks that relocating is easy as pie he or she is most definitely wrong. No one wants to leave their friends, homes, neighbors, and their lives behind, but this situation might be financially beneficial for them.

In some U.S. states, Uncle Sam can’t reach to take a bite out of your retirement income, so if you’re living in one of these, you’re fortunate. If not, you might want to change that.

Let’s see which states exempt the common types of retirement income!

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11 thoughts on “12 States Where Your Retirement Income Won’t Be Taxed”

  1. Texas looks like the state for us, we presently live in California but we do not plan to retire here, just too expensive.

      1. You might want to ask if Rocky is a conservative who knows why CA is so awful – maybe you would welcome them. I live in “CA north,” in a state I like to call the Soviet Republic of Washington, and we are looking to get the hell out of here, too. Perhaps TX. I promise to be part of the solution, not the problem…

  2. I have always said that your pension retirement should not be taxed.this should be in all states.you have worked 40 to 50yrs paying taxes and continue to pay until you die.I am in
    North Carolina and they tax everything.you pay tax on your pension and a car tax as long as you own the car ,although you pay tax on the car when you buy it.we pay federal and state tax on our your pension retirement income. something needs to be done about this.

  3. robert gowett

    it surely be for me who did just about every thig manual for 50 year’s. being retired for 5 years doing every thing manual again mostly and getting lossy monthly pay.

  4. Sheila Mansfield

    Work all your life paying taxes and the gready states and their politicians want taxes still Michigan is one of the worst

  5. Texas Born & raised, now in my retirement years. There is not another state I would live in! More tax benefits in your later years and the climate is great if you like 100+ degree summers.
    I’m very happy in my own little town down by Houston, TX

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