5 Tips to File Your Taxes In Under 1 Hour

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4. Get your refund

If you’re expecting a refund, you can receive it right in your bank account, listed on the form. On Form 1040 just write your account number, the type of account, and your bank’s routing number on lines 35b, 35c, and 35d.

In at least 21 days you should get the refund in your bank account. However, if you decide to file early, you can also get it early.

5. The payment has never been easier

It’s quite normal for taxpayers to be reluctant when it comes to sending a big check through the mail. The IRS has your back and offers plenty of options for you to complete the payment step.

You can directly pay from your bank account on the Direct Pay website. Or you can go to the IRS’ website which has a dedicated page for the payment. The third and final option consists in choosing a payment processor if you want to pay with a credit card, but they will ask for a fee in exchange for their services.


Take these tips into consideration before starting the whole tax filing process. Knowing and applying these can help you save a lot of time and energy. Keep in mind the fact that every online action’s purpose is to save more precious time for everyone.

We know how difficult tax season can be, but it’s important to get ahead of things and do everything in advance in order to avoid any possible unpleasantries.

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