These Are the Cities Americans Are Most Eager to Leave

When Americans browse through house listings online, 25% are looking to get outta town! They check out homes in other cities, often hundreds or thousands of miles away.

They might want to escape a metro area where prices, traffic and crime are out of control, and go to a place where buying a home is easier, you don’t face long lines everywhere you go, and streets are safer. Or, maybe they want to flee a city where it’s tough to find work and relocate to one with tons of excellent opportunities.

We count down the cities people are most eager to ditch. Check them out!

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61 thoughts on “These Are the Cities Americans Are Most Eager to Leave”



    1. Please STAY in DENVER, You’ve Gotten Exactly What You VOTED FOR.
      Enjoy it (or Not), but PLEASE Don’t go anywhere ELSE & screw IT Up w/Your Horrific Politics.

    2. Good Information except for one thing – Don’t blame Trump. He isn’t of the party that wants all of the illegals here. Open boarders & the fake news. Look at the politicians that want them here so they can get re-elected. People need to be well advised what they are voting for. What we really need is term limits, Salary & retirement benefits that are in line with those of the private sector rather than a full salary plus full covered medical benefits that we the tax payers are paying for without any say in what these “self serving” politicians vote for themselves. Wake Up & Vote them OUT !!

        1. 45 has done a great job…pension funds, unions, cancelling NAFTA, handling the Covid virus much better than the armchair quarterbacks on the left fake news etc. Please stay where you are and don’t pollute our low crime, reasonable home prices low tax states and cities. There’s a forest out there you can’t see for the trees.

        1. You have taken the koolaid. BHO was the worst. All of his socialistic ideas are coming true now,, as he planned.. His reign is truly the beginning of the end of the republic.

          1. Beyond the fact that Trump is a criminal, his blatant, never ending lies are only surpassed by his blatant, never ending stupidity. He conned you into believing he was super-wealthy and super-successful. Now that we see his tax returns, we know he was neither. What he revealed to the IRS when he filed his tax returns is simply this: He is a failure as a businessman, proven by 10+ years of blood red losses. When I compare 10 years of my federal tax payments to his, I have paid 15,000% more than him (and I barely make $75K per year). Therefore, he is either a complete business failure, guilty of tax evasion or both.

        2. The rest of the country does not want the politics of Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, etc. You deserve what you voted for. You don’t have to like Trump, but you should love his policies If you have a job, a 401k, own taxable assets, anticipate inheriting or bequeathing assets compared to the lefts’ proposals. Why would you want a political opportunist like Harris and a mentally declining fool like Biden in office that will result in a Venezuela type economy on the Country. There is no free lunch, no matter how often Nancy and the Washington Post tells you so.

          1. Have you seen our deficit? Don’t be fooled, Trump has ruined relationships with our European alliances, put the US in so much debt ( while he avoids paying taxes), bullies other R into breaking Federal laws, then pardoned them. He has no integrity or morals and is not fit to lead. As a Life- time Republican, I am joining the numerous Republicans who want to restore democracy and respect to our great country. Fire Trump, and vote in Joe Biden!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I have wondered for a long time why we don’t have term limits for Congress and how we can propose that. Problem is they certainly won’t vote on anything that would infringe on their excess quality of life and employment.

  2. Dr. Candi O. Belle PhD

    Atlanta! People here are really nasty and ghetto -minded. They think and act like poor people. I saw the change ever since Trump got into office. It was very different before. If you are a heterosexual, you are out of place. It’s terrible. The women are really nasty and mean. I’ve decided to leave the country upon graduation.

    1. Deborah manganelli

      Of course blame Pres Trump who is trying to give USA citizens first. Vote for communistic socialistic dems. They have changed from a hard working party to opportunistic programs for the lazy

  3. It’s not much different from where I come from: Boston. A once beautiful, quaint, easy to access, fun, cultured and funky city is being systematically ruined,–it’s probably beyond repair now due to all the wrecking balls–and I remain here mostly out of habit, family and familiarity. Progress has become for me one of the “dirtiest” of words in politics and public life. It’s about greed, and it has little to do with the quality of life. More like change for the sake of change (i.e. profit). Much of the glory of the city’s past has been, literally, taken down. High rises, once a rarity, now dominate the downtown and are coming to even the outlying city neighborhoods.

    1. You have taken the koolaid. BHO was the worst. All of his socialistic ideas are coming true now,, as he planned.. His reign is truly the beginning of the end of the republic.

    2. The other problem . Greedy corporate heads who only care about power money . Many of them vote
      for Democrat , though , or at least they do in CA . Out of guilt ? Who knows As the person
      says above. They have little regard for history , livability , quaintness or tradition.

    1. Please no liberals come to our still no tax, Sunshine, a few hurricanes, homes still affordable, Great republican leadership. If you come here wanting to change our way of life, stay where you are.

  4. Seems funny to me that those people are shown to move from one “badly” rated place to another “badly” rated place. I don’t put much stock in these lists..they seem kinda stupid.

  5. The Yuppies (and the Techies) absolutely ruined Seattle. They are paid too much and they spend money foolishly ($5.00 cups of coffee started here). If you can have something anywhere else for a dollar, it’s two to three times as much in Seattle. While they have money, they demand the city provide more and more for everyone (feed the hungry, provide housing for the homeless who flock to FREEattle in droves). Politicians pander to them and the cost of living skyrockets. Taxes go through the roof and long-time residents can’t afford to live there anymore. They have truly Californicated the Northwest. May they all rot in hell.

    1. I love your response. I am a Tax Preparer here in Edison, New Jersey. We have the illegals here now who shop 3 to 4 times a day at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club. I am not kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t work. The Walmart 3 huge ones they are there practically everyday with different kids, spouses??? They have orange cards they all used. I don’t know who issues it. We are now a sanctuary State. I fault the American people for voting the way they vote.

  6. Humpty Trumpty happens to be the worst president in the history of this great United States of America. He makes you feel you want to leave this country. Very seriously.

    1. Go right ahead. Head to China, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba or Venezuela. That’ll give you a taste of communism which is coming here. Look how power hungry and tyrannical the democrats have been. Enjoy! I noticed most on list are democrat run cities. Not all

    2. Deborah manganelli

      Can you imagine if anyone else was in Pelosi hugged in China town. Our President hot private and federal to work together. Get mad at the fake news most stations owned by Jeff Bazos and Arabs.

    3. Dennis Roberts

      Don’t just talk that talk, walk the walk! If you can’t fly, try driving to Canada or Mexico. Don’t forget the socialist paradise of Venezuela!

    4. No one can top Obama…..He certainly didn’t bring any class to the office…….Total embarrassment for the American people… patriotism whatsoever….I could go on and on

      1. Are u kidding the dumb Trump can’t read. Can’t pronounce his words correctly when he is challenged and don’t know the answer he goes off scrip and gets nasty, he is very jealous Of President Obama That’s why he blames his faults on the intelligent classy gentleman President Obama. Trumps wife doesn’t want to be with him how often have u seen her on his arm.

    5. Hey, I like what you’re saying here ! ! He’s terrible, I fully agree; I quite believe he knew all about the Coronavirus pandemic was coming before it actually hit!! And things will surely get worse if he stays in office much longer. I’m NOT saying Biden could be any better, and things DO look tough politically here
      . . . He ( Trump ) has too many of the worst underhanded people directly on his side . . . Iiichhhhh ! !

      1. See how you like it when the rest of the country resembles CA ? Why do you think people here are leaving in the millions for decades now ? Sanctuary State , highest taxes in the Nation ,
        polluted , crowded idiot legislature and Governor . Ever more restricted ?

        See you like it when your taxes go through the roof , your businesses go under due to dictatorial lockdown, and the illegals and many others pay NOTHING

        We can’t have millions and millions of people in this Country who pay NOTHING in .

      2. Please come to CA . We have loads of well spoken attractive Democrats , Socialists and worse who
        are running this State into the ground . They generally live in large houses on large open
        Estates . See Nancy Pelosi ,Gavin Newsom , Kamala Harris , Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg ,
        heads of many computer and internet companies , etc . etc. while the rest of CA suffers from lockdowns , unemployment , failing businesses , etc. etc.

        A list :
        Sanctuary State , millions of illegals , billions of dollars in welfare , crowded cities
        Disgusting Sexx curriculum , homelessness, Hollywood violence , perversion , mismanaged forests , unchecked
        pornography production and public education at the new bottom mainly due to Covid and all the illegal immigrants . And BTW if you are a black person , please know that Democratic Latinos are
        pushing blacks out of areas in CA , they have lived in for generations . They are crowding up
        cities , towns and schools, and using resources and money that should go to YOU as a native born U.S. citizen .

      3. Trump handled the virus even though the prior admin, BHO, didn’t replenish the ventilators and Pelosi, Biden were on Trumps case for stopping travel from China immediately in January and developing a team of scientists to quickly address the problem saving many lives. The armchair quarterbacks hated this president from his taking office. If they would pitch in and help, we wouldn’t have the hatred they generate.

  7. You are correct on that thought it’s all about money, forget it if you have none and for those who have it are greedy. They will not let anything new risk their riches no matter who it effects.

  8. Be very sure to include ALL of the hamlets, villages, town, and cities within the borders of;
    ILLINOIS. This state in globally known as the single most corrupt, criminally controlled state in
    this country. Following is Cali/Mexifornia and down!

  9. Audrey Ardison

    So sorry that so many people are unhappy with where they live. Unfortunately, if you go elsewhere, more than likely you will take your unhappiness with you. Happiness has more to do with attitude than place (unless, of course, you are in prison or something similar). I currently live in San Antonio, Texas and am very happy with it. I have lived all over the world (literally) because of work. I have been happy with all the places I have lived. I landed in San Antonio when it was retirement time, and put down roots, since another move just didn’t sound like fun.

    1. Audrey:

      I am with you concerning San Antonio. All the area around San Antonio is equally favorable.

      I just hope that anyone who decides to come to Texas leaves their liberal attitudes back where they came from. If they don’t, we will be reading how bad Texas has become. Then where do you go ?
      Possibly a gulag with the rest of your commie friends. Do you realize when President Trump finishes
      his 4 more years, it will be a socialist country? If Hillary had won, we would be there right now.
      If you don’t agree, then do some research. Oh you like open border’s or better yet much
      higher taxes ? Or you not trying to escape from that ?

    2. Audrey , when you have lost your job due to dictatorial lockdowns , and at the same time have
      very high State , property and federal taxes , plus a high cost of living , you are in a horrible bind . I’m sure Texas and
      San Antonio , are better run , for NOW because the State has a sane Republican governor !

      We have a legislature completely run by left wing Democrats and a disgraceful ( lets tax more )
      Governor – Gavin Newsom . His absurd lockdowns have cause 17 million people to be out of work
      in this State .

  10. Issues abound. Weather is an issue I can TOTALLY agree with, but even then, your new city will still have that 2-4 month outdoor hiatus interruption. For the posters who speak of politics, you DO have a vote and a voice. Remember only 4-10% speak out and 90% of that percentage are negative. The country can be then on the surface molded into their negative narrative, because of this poster-provided-dark-dank outlook of their life. A positive is always lookd over as you never look up to find the good in life. you just occupy your time on the negative negativeness of others. Smile! I know it hurts because those are seldom usable muscles, but SMILE!

  11. Clearly, the shared problems are: too damned many people everywhere; younger-generation swells for whom acquisition–professionally or personally–has replaced living ..

  12. I’ve lived in Several places; San Angelo Texas, Great Kills Staten Island, Camp hill Pennsylvania, glen rock New Jersey, Northfield Vermont, Slingerlands New York, Kitzingen Germany, Union City New Jersey, NYC, Mt Lemmon, Arizona And Tucson Arizona.
    I enjoyed every single one of them, immensely!
    I only wish I could live forever and live everywhere! As they say “attitude is everything!”

  13. Holtville, California is a small farm community 100 miles east of San Diego. Carrot capitol of the world with 8.5 months of beautiful weather and 3.5 months of temperatures over 100 degree. Homes in the 250k range, good schools, low crime. Problem is not too many jobs available.

  14. The problem with the once citizen first Democratic Party is that they no longer want U.S. first because all they want is to retain their POWER over the average person, and those who elect them in. The Dems don’t care one bit about the LEGAL citizens, why? Because they know they NEED illegals here, so they can give them EVERYTHING for free like free money, free housing, free food, free healthcare ALL at the expense of hardworking LEGAL citizens (natural born & nautralized) because the Dems are BUYING their votes. Now the Dems are trying the same strategy with the Millenials. Give them EVERYTHING for free to get their vote, just to keep them in power and so they have the POWER to tell EVERYONE what to do, when to do it, where to go, where to live, what they are allowed to think, ehat they are allowed to read, the type of movies they are allowed to watch, it goes on and on. The Dems what themselves and the elite to be in CONTROL to do whatever they want and tell the rest of us what to do. If you GIVE everything to people, it will keep them quiet and they will no longer have the means to speak out and do something about it. The current people who vote these Socialist Dems in, cannot be thinking at all about what the future holds for themselves. Just look at California, New York City, New Jersey and all of the other Sanctuary Cities and States. Look at how they are refusing to re-open commerce. They WANT people to become dependent on the Government, the first step in Socialism CONTROL. This, my friend, has always been the Land of the Free, but the Dems do NOT want you to be free, they want to CONTROL your every thought and move, they already have the media as their minions to do their bidding to convince people that SOCIALISM is great and the way to go. The Media’s job is to report BOTH sides, to let the people decide what to think, this media is only reporting WHAT they want you to think. Look at Colleges. They only want Liberal, Socialistic Dems as professors to continuously spew ONE side to our country’s young minds. AGAIN, another tactic by the Dems to promote Socialism. Only providing ONE side, their side. There are no more debates in college to get young minds to think for themselves, they ONLY want young minds to think exactly like them, so they can CONTROL them. Think about it, to take over a culture, you must MAKE the population believe that what you want is for their own good, then brainwash the young. Isn’t that what has been going on???? Think about it people, especially those that vote these Socialist Dems into office. . . .

    1. Colleges & Universities were first financed by business & gov grants…this led to them growing larger & dependent on a liberal Congress which pays the high paid salaries of these Deans & Profs. I went back to college in 2000 and found not only I had more knowledge than they, but clashed with them pushing liberal views during class.

  15. Amen . Ditto for most Liberal / Left wing Western Cities . You voted for the Democrats – they’ve
    wrecked the economies with illegal immigration , and high taxes for all of those ” free ” benefits. etc. Hispanics who descend from illegal immigrants are now the majority population in
    Southern CA . Their free benefits cost more than $ 30 billion dollars a year . CA have left in the millions , even with the great weather and beautiful landscapes . Democrats in the State and Biden/ Harris cater to illegal and legal Hispanics and give them more and more ‘ free benefits” Why ? So they will be more likely to vote for Democrats! It is good for the State ? Definitely NOT Now many of the Hispanics see the relationship to welfare and the higher cost of living . Covid job killing shutdown has raised the unemployment rate to almost 17 million . Traffic is impossible in Southern CA . Now the completely incompetent Governor Gavin Newsom wants to raise even more taxes and ban cars that use gasoline by 2035 ! He is a full on idiot .

    Don’t vote for a Democrat and then complain !

  16. Amen . Well said In CA , they are handing out monthly checks now for a much a $ 2,000
    When that happens , people who normally have to work , just stay home and enjoy spending your
    hard working tax money !

    I don’t care for Trump , personally , but many of his policies are good ones . Democrats only care about two things : Money and power .

  17. Very well said , and true . We’ve had Cultural Marxism for the past 70 + years now . As I said , come to CA , all you people in the Midwest and East Coast , who vote for Democrats and see the destruction everywhere .

  18. Well prepare yourself to live under Socialist rule one step from communisim read up on Venezuela u might learn something about Socialist living. Hey off that koolaid ade

  19. An old farmer in a small town was sitting on his front porch watching traffic go by when a car with out of state license plates pulled to a stop in front of his house.
    “Hey there old man”. called out the driver of the car. “We are just moving into this town. Can you tell us what the people are like around here?”
    The old farmer thought for a minute, then asked the driver, “What were the people like in the town you are moving from?”
    The driver responded, “Just terrible. Everyone there was rude and obnoxious. They had terrible manners and were very prejudiced. No one ever offered to lend a helping hand and were just terribly unfriendly.”
    The old farmer answered. “I hate to have to say this but you will find that the people here are exactly the same way as they were where you came from. You will quickly learn that no one here is very friendly.”
    A little later another car with out of state license plates eased to a stop in front of his house.
    “Good afternoon, sir.” called out the smiling driver to the old man. “We have just moved into this beautiful town and were wondering if you can tell us how the neighbors are around here?”
    Again the old man responded with a question. ” What were the people like in the town you are moving from?”
    They were absolutely wonderful.” Responded the man with a big smile. “We had so many great friends. Everyone was helpful and generous with their time and always had a great attitude and beautiful personalities. We really hated to have to move away from them but my job transferred me. We already miss them all.”
    The old farmer grinned from ear to ear and called out to them ” Young man, you and your sweet family are going to find the people here are exactly the same way. You will fit right in. Welcome to our town!”

    If you don’t understand the moral to this little story then you are one of the ones who should move away!!!!

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