The Trump White House Has It All Even Gaslighting and Fake News

You probably heard the word “gaslighting” many times these days. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that is used by someone who wants to alter the reality. This concept comes from the psychology of the couple and nowadays seems popular to use it, especially when you are Donald Trump. He used “gaslighting” to label media as fake.

So, his point was to make people believe media lies all the time and everything that’s not on his side it’s FAKE. As Trump said, media is the enemy of the state and he asked people to do the same. The US president used a political philosophy at an event for veterans on Tuesday: “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

The whole idea of this philosophy was to strengthen his beliefs. As you know, the leader is always followed, so the White House started to promote his actions. The American drama series ‘The West Wing’ has begun eliminating words from their official transcripts and banned a reporter from Trump’s Rose Garden briefing for asking “inappropriate” questions.

As the war just started, the White House press team was forced to face reporters who were full of questions about a recording of Trump who discusses hush-money payments with Michael Cohen. It’s a tradition of the White House that the president engages with the press on his way to Marine One and Trump usually respects this tradition.

Now, even the weather is fake, because the White House made a “bad weather” call announcing that Donald Trump needs to take a car to Joint Base Andrews. Well… this announcement was completely fake! As you see below, the weather was clear, actually perfect to answer questions like “What is your response to Cohen releasing said tapes?”.


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