Think You’re Done With Paying Taxes for 2018? Not Yet!

Millions of American workers started getting fatter paychecks early this year as employers withheld less money in anticipation of lower income taxes under the law. According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, a middle-income household should on average get a $930 tax cut this year, lifting it’s after-tax income by 1.6 percent.

But many taxpayers will end up paying more because of complications in the new tax law that may not have been taken into account by employers in estimating workers’ tax obligations.

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1 thought on “Think You’re Done With Paying Taxes for 2018? Not Yet!”

  1. That’s not our fault, we as poor people, didn’t change the law. Trump the bum did. Take his money not ours. We barely get by, with these paycheck now. I don’t even get foodstamps or subsidize housing or section 8.

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