9 Common Types of Lawyers That Can Help You Get Out of Trouble

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Civil Rights Lawyers

It seems that civil rights lawyers are getting more and more work as the days pass. That’s probably because more people are now more aware of their rights. These lawyers help clients with cases that involve their privacy or discrimination. Keep in mind that these are rights that we are all afforded, so there could be plenty of cases in which they are hindered.

The usual suspects? Businesses, a city, an employer or other entities are the ones typically infringing on an individual’s civil rights.
So, if you feel you’ve been wrong, discriminated against or if you think your privacy has been breached, contact a civil rights lawyer.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers, also known as criminal defense lawyers, help those who have been accused of some type of crime. These are, by and large, most popular all over media… Movies, series, books, they’re everywhere. So it’s no wonder that there are a lot of misconceptions about them!

Though all those shows make them look like high profile celebrities, remember that criminal defense lawyers can represent people charged with minor offenses too such as disturbing the peace. Of course, they also defend those accused of homicide or manslaughter.

Because everyone has the right to defend themselves when accused of any crime, the state may appoint a person a public defender if they cannot afford a lawyer.

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