9 Stupidest Court Cases in Recent History

Man Sues British Airways for Sending Him to Grenada Not Granada

Geography is nothing to joke about. At least not when you want to go somewhere and end up in a completely different location than the one you dreamed of visiting. That’s exactly what happened to American dentist Edward Gamson in 2014, when he decided to visit Granada, a beautiful city in the south of Spain. He had planned to make the trip to Grenada because of his Spanish Jewish heritage as well as his fascination with Islamic art.

After arranging everything with his travel agent, imagine his shock when the British Airways airplane he was on landed on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Gamson tried to get back $4,500 he spent for first-class tickets for him and his partner, but when the airline refused to reimburse him, Gamson sued the airline, for $34,000 in damages.

Takeaway: Before boarding your plane, or even earlier than that, make sure there are no spelling mistakes regarding the intended destination. You don’t want to end up in Paris, Texas instead of Paris, France, do you?

McDonald’s Caused Great Distress to A Man with Napkin Thriftiness

McDonald’s. I’m loving it! At least that’s what the company has been promoting for years but for California resident Webster Lucas, his visit to a Pacoima, CA McDonald’s restaurant took a bad turn…all because of napkins.

According to Lucas, in January 2014, while serving a McDonald’s menu, he asked for extra napkins but the manager on duty (apparently Mexican American) said something racist. In his letter addressed to the General Manager of the restaurant, Lucas claimed the whole episode left him “unable to work because of the undue mental anguish and the intentional infliction of emotional distress”. $1.5 million dollars’ worth of mental anguish and distress!

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