9 Things Lawyers Don’t Want You To Know

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Normally, your lawyer wants your best interest and for an hourly fee is willing to fight in the court of law for you. Rules force them to provide you with the best legal assistance.

However there are small things even they don’t tell you about or prefer to keep you in the dark about certain aspects. If you wonder what we mean then you should read the following 9 facts:

1. You don’t need a lawyer any time you need some insights on a legal question or matter. Nowadays the internet is full of answers, however with serious issues it’s good to give them a call


2. Fees are not set in stone, they can sometimes be negotiable


3. They hope you don’t question the invoice


4. Even if they lose your case you still have to pay for other fees such as the expert fees, court costs, medical expenses and others. Prepare for these costs if your lawyer says you don’t have to pay them if you don’t win the lawsuit.


5. Practicing law involves a lot of paperwork and documentation, it’s not only the battle in the court that you see in movies


6. Even though the defense and the prosecution are enemies in court, in real life they are friends, they hang out, maybe even live in the same neighborhood


7. They may recommend to you another lawyer specialized in a different field of interest not necessarily because they’re the best in the field but maybe because they are friends


8. When you go to law school you don’t need specialization like in med school


9. Free advice is not their favorite thing



These facts are just some aspects you should keep in mind and be aware of, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all lawyers put your interests in second place and theirs first.

We must remember their job is a very difficult one , fighting for our rights and freedom is not an easy task.

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