6 Famous People Who ‘Allegedly’ Got Away With Murder

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Celebrities and important figures are humans just like us, whether they like to admit it or not and from time to time, they happen to make mistakes, however some events took a shocking a turn, which left the public baffled.

You may not be familiar with them, but there were several cases in which the alleged guilty party got away with murder, leaving a whole nation even more startled.

We are taking a close look at some events which you probably forgot or didn’t know happened.

6. Caitlyn Jenner 

While speeding through the streets of L.A, Caitlyn Jenner caused a crash involving other cars resulting in injuring and eventually killing actress Kim Howe. Even though Jenner was at fault she was cleared of all charges.

5. Kirk Douglas

While working at the movie Young Man with a Horn, Jean Spangler, who was  working as an extra disappeared without trace. It was believed she was romantically involved with Douglas and she was pregnant with his child.

Allegedly, she died while trying to have an abortion.

The finger pointed at the star due to a note in Spangler’s purse addressed to a “Kirk”, which read: “Kirk: Can’t wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away”.

4. Burt Reynolds

In 1973, Burt Reynolds and his co-star Sarah Miles were thought to have killed her manager and lover, David Whiting, after he became abusive to her one night because he was jealous.

He was found dead the next morning and the two were allegedly involved with his murder, but were cleared.

3. Laura Bush 

In 1963 when future First Lady When Laura Bush was 17 years old she ran a stop sign, her actions caused a crash between her and another car and eventually killed the person in the vehicle, a fellow 17 year old called Michael Douglas. She was never charged.

2. Ted Kennedy 

In 1969, Kennedy was driving home from a party with Mary Jo Kopechne. He made a wrong turn which resulted in his car being thrown off a bridge into a lake. He saved himself, swimming to safety, but Kopechne drowned in the car.

He says he attempted to rescue the girl but failed to do so. The strange part is it took Kennedy 10 hours to report it. Following an investigation, it was concluded that he intended to kill the girl.

The only consequence he got was a 16 months suspension of his license.

1. O.J. Simpson

The O.J. Simpson case was one of the biggest media circuses and long disputed cases in the last decades. The famous football player, known as the Juice, wasn’t found guilty for murdering his ex-wife Nichole Simpson and her friend (and possible lover) Ron Goldman, even though the majority of the public disagreed and the evidence seemed to suggest otherwise.

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