10 Biggest Cases Brought Against The Mafia

From Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Roger “The Terrible” Touhy

Roger Touhy was an Irish American mob boss in Chicago during Prohibition. He became a prosperous bootlegger after he decided to craft his own beer, along with his partner Matt Kolb.

They had over 10 illegal beer and liquor stores all over Chicago, and a wooden barrel manufacturing plant to transport the goods. The secret of their crafted beer was that to make a good quality beer, they consulted with a chemist, and this was something no one else made before.

Touhy also assured his safeness with law enforcement by becoming a fixer for a good amount of years.

His problems began, although, when his Chicago rival at the time, Al Capone, began threatening him and determined on stealing his territory.

Because Touhy had proven to be a difficult and steady enemy, Al Capone and his mob gang proceeded on many attempts to try to scare him off or get him out of the mob scene of the time. Kidnapping was very popular back then among gang cultures, so many mobsters made use of it.

Touhy went to jail, after being framed by Al Capone’s work. He was convicted and imprisoned for the kidnapping of John “Jake the Barber” Factor, the brother of the cosmetics manufacturer Max Factor.

He had various appeals and one court ruling, but he still spent 26 years in prison. Right after being released, he was found by Chicago Outfit and murdered.

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